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Welcome to the official site of the band
Exciting news! We’re been recording a new album, THE HELL FOR LEATHER MOB, which will be released later in the year.

15 new songs written by Riff and Steve.

More details soon.
Thanks to everyone who came to see us perform our unplugged ‘Animal Games’ show in Brighton. It was a special night and we had a great time celebrating the 40th anniversary of our MCA debut album. Read the ‘Scene Sussex’ review here.
London Merchandise
Rebellion Festival 2017. Photo: Mark Foster

Riff Regan (vocals)
Steve Voice (bass, vocals)
Hugh O’Donnell (guitar, vocals)
Colin Watterston (drums)

Past members
Rick De’Ath (bass, vocals)
Dave Wight (guitar)
Jon Moss (drums)

Mark Guichard

Record label
Dizzy Holmes
Read interview with Riff Regan
Reboot available on vinyl, iTunes & CD. Read the reviews here.
Reboot now on vinyl
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Riff Regan
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Rebellion Festival
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Everyone’s a Winner.
Summer of Love at the 12 Bar Club, London.
‘Reboot’ album released on vinyl, CD and iTunes. Read the reviews here.