(Riff Regan)

I didn’t think that there was any point in you returning home
Whatever happened to the bright city lights?
Did they finally burn?
I don’t want to hear any excuses
I really haven’t got the time
But if you’re thinking of staying
You better delay it cos I’m gonna say it
No time, no time, no time
There was something about the way that you glamorise
You wanted too much out of life
And it’s no surprise

I don’t want to hear silly stories
 No way are you mine
You’re such an erratic
You better start packing
Get out of my life
No time, no time, no time
I’ve never, ever, ever been in love
I don’t know what you mean
You’re asking me to believe in
Something that I’ve never seen
You think you’re a special person
 But I really couldn’t give a damn
What’s makes you think that you’re anything worse than
Somebody out there who’s going to hang
Hang on,
No time, no time,
No time,
No time,
No time.
No Time